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The James FundMark’s inspiration to make this 3,500-mile trek came from a visit he and his wife, Kate, made to orphanages in Mexico. In the spring of 2006, they went on a mission trip with The James Fund, a non-profit organization founded by Family Christian Stores, to meet the needs of orphans and widows in distress. Mark’s own adoption drew him to explore this ministry. Seeing firsthand the harsh realities for many orphans and realizing that he could have easily been one of the boys in the orphanage, Mark wanted to make a difference. He made a decision to reach out to orphans through active support of The James Fund.

Everybody’s peddling something…but Mark says, “My wheels are turning to actually get somewhere.” And that destination is Mark’s cause, helping orphans and widows.
“With your help we can do more than make the wheels of my bike turn; together, we can make every turn a momentum-building revolution – motivating others to join us and push this cause further down the road.”

You can be a strong link in the chain of Mark’s bike, a mile marker along the road, urging him forward. You can be a gear helping him maximize his efforts.

Won’t you help change the lives of many orphans and widows? Sponsor Mark Today!

Riding his bike alone across the country, Mark says he sees it as a team endeavor with all the sponsors who have come alongside him. But Mark needs your help, too.

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Todd Guckenberger wrote a comment on May 12, 2007


This is Todd and Beth from Monterrey. We hope you know that our entire team here is praying for you.
It is awesome to see the video clips. Tell your wife we said hi.

Todd and Beth

jdcosby wrote a comment on June 5, 2007

Hi this is Jeremy and Sarah Cosby from Grand Rapids, Michigan. We just wanted you to hear first hand that what you are doing is truly making a difference. We felt God calling us to adopt several months ago but didn’t think that was even possible because we had nothing financial to offer– God was pretty clear though and we committed to being willing as long as he provided the finances along the way. Well, we received a grant from the James Fund through Life International and that has played a big part in raising up the support we needed to continue this adoption. Most of our fees have been paid and we are hoping to go get our little boy who has been waiting for nearly 3 years for a family, in August. It is because of our miraculous and GREAT GOD and because of people like you who care to give of themselves to help the orphans– that people like us can choose to obey God’s call. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf and on behalf of our little boy.

JCLOTWomm wrote a comment on June 14, 2007

Dear Mark: Your efforts to follow the call of God and obey truly touches my heart. I also have been called and chose to obey the will of God, here in Myrtle Beach SC. The Lord has put on my heart to care for the Widows and Orphans through a nonprofit org., which we are presently trying to put together through the direction of the Holy Spirit. We are praying for your great efforts, please pray for ours, as well as, if you have any info on how to get this foundation off the ground, please email us at this email add.. Sincerly in Christ Dee. H.

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